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  • Katia Rose

'Latte Girl' is FINALLY here!

It's here! It's here! It's really, really here! The release day for 'Latte Girl' has finally arrived and I couldn't be happier (or more relieved/nervous/excited/exhausted).

The journey to get to this point has been an incredible experience involving the most amazing people, and it's crazy to think that I went from typing away at the first draft all on my own to having so many wonderful people show their interest and support for the story prior to release. I'm SO excited to see what's in store for the book, and to have the chance to connect with the indie romance community on an even deeper level.

In honor of all the people who've helped get me to this point, and who've made this day way better than I ever could have on my own, I've decided to share the acknowledgements section included at the end of 'Latte Girl':

Firstly, I need to acknowledge you, the reader. Grateful does not even cover how I feel about you. There are literally millions of options for you to fill your reading time with, and the fact that you chose to take a chance on not only an indie author, but a brand new one at that, floors me with how humbling it is. Seriously guys, I am on the floor right now. It might be awhile before I get up. I know people throw the phrase “I am honoured” around a lot, but there’s no other way to describe how the thought of you holding this book in your hands makes me feel. I am so very, very honoured.

I was lucky enough to have some amazing beta readers assist me in getting this story fit for human eyes.

Maria- Thank you for your hilarious comments, helpful insights, and for making me realize that Tod is indeed the best character in the book.

Bella- Jordan would still be sounding like a teenage girl all the time if it weren’t for you. Thank you for your honesty and encouragement, and for all the editing epiphanies you inspired in me.

I’m thrilled I could beta for both of you and I know you will slay Pitch Wars and wherever else you decide to go with your stories.

Ramla- Thanks for calling me out when I was making Hailey way too thirsty, and for all your other wonderful feedback. I’m really happy I also had the chance to beta for you.

Nicole- You have eagle eyes! Thank you for spotting all those evasive typos and for your detailed advice.

Keith and Alkisti- Thank you for looking through the first few chapters and helping me get them into shape. All of your help means so much to me.

I also have many ARC readers and bloggers to say a HUGE thank you to. The pre-publication response to ‘Latte Girl’ went way beyond my expectations, and I can honestly say I didn’t know the true meaning of the word gratitude before this. You make the romance community what it is: a community. The dedication you put into supporting authors and fostering connections within the genre blows my mind and rocks my socks. I’m truly in awe of your commitment and enthusiasm. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

And finally, acknowledgement must be made to my Wolf Star Moon Boy. You love me at my best and (more importantly and way more impressively) at my worst. This book has brought out a lot of both, and you’ve been there through absolutely everything. I don’t know if I love you more than food, but I do love you more than many individual food items.

Once again, thanks to everyone! This is a huge milestone in my work as a writer and I'm so excited to make it to the next one, but for now, I think I'll sit back with a latte and appreciate making it here.


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