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  • Katia Rose

Introducing: Your Rhythm

This ain’t just any old Thursday. No siree. This Thursday is mighty special, because the cover reveal for ‘Your Rhythm’ is happening TODAY!

I don’t know why I’m talking like an old Western sheriff. MAYBE BECAUSE I’M SO EXCITED TO FINALLY SHARE ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT MY NEW BOOK.

‘Your Rhythm’ is my third novel, and it will be live on May 24th. Exactly six weeks away! It’s the story of a down and out music journalist who find herself getting way too caught up with the drummer of a newly famous rock band.

Here’s the official blurb:

You know what they say: save a snare, bang a drummer.

Kay Fischer is well aware of what they say, and she intends to ignore it completely.

After her first step into the world of music journalism ended with a screw-up so royal it deserved a crown, Kay’s been struggling to re-stack the building blocks of her career. Salvation comes in the form of Sherbrooke Station, the latest alt-rock craze to grace Montreal’s legendary music scene.

A front page feature on the band everyone’s talking about seems like a foolproof shot at success, even after Kay meets their drummer. Matt Pearson might have a smile sexy enough to be the eighth deadly sin and a passion for music so powerful it makes her heart ache, but Kay’s got things under control.

She’s a professional, goddammit, and a professional would not get tongue-tied over a source, even a source who’s a six-foot, tattooed rock god with an affinity for tight jeans.

A professional would not find herself opening her door at an hour long past midnight to pull said source inside and lead him to her bed.

No, that’s not at all what a professional would do.

‘Your Rhythm’ is also the first book in a series of standalones called the Sherbrooke Station Quartet. Each book focuses on a different member of the band, so this is far from the last time you’ll be hearing about Matt, JP, Ace, and Cole.

The story is set in Montreal, one of my favourite cities EVER, and consulting the Montreal map while writing and name dropping all the spots I love was one of the best parts of writing the story. I can’t wait to share it with you.


Yep, that’s right! Right now. Advance copies are ready and waiting for you to dive in and meet your new sexy rock star book boyfriend. Just fill out this handy dandy form and voila, your book will be on its way! ARC numbers are limited, so snap one up before all these babies are gone.

I’m stoked to undertake the task of releasing a book yet again, and I’m so thrilled I have you all along for the ride. Let’s do this!


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