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  • Katia Rose

My Montreal Coffee Shop Faves

If you’ve been following my books for any amount of time, you’ll know that the city of Montreal is a big part of my writing. After completing the Sherbrooke Station series, I just wasn’t ready to move on from my little MTL gang, and thus the Barflies series was born.

I usually have a map of Montreal open when I’m writing, and I love following along where my characters are walking or hanging out. There are a lot of real or inspired-by-real-places in my novels, and it’s always fun to give readers a look into my inspiration and offer some Montreal suggestions to anyone who might be visiting.

If you’ve read Glass Half Full, you’ll know that Dylan and Renee spend quite a bit of time hanging out in coffee shops together. While the cafes in the story aren’t based on any location in particular, I drew inspiration from a few of my favourite places to grab some coffee around the city.

Here are a few of my top Montreal cafe recommendations, where you can sit and sip and imagine Dylan and Renee are about to walk in.

Cafe Code Noir

Situated on the famous Boulevard Saint-Laurent, this place has one of the friendliest owners I have ever met and serves up really tasty food and drinks with great presentation (hello, free little cookies on the side of the plate!) It’s got a homey vibe while still being a great spot to get work done, and it’s easy to spend a few hours tucked away at a table here.

Cafe Neve

Neve has a few locations around the city, and they’re all worth checking out. They range in size, so you might be hard pressed to find a spot to sit down during busy hours, but the hip vibe, cool decor, and great service make for a very Montreal experience. The mini location on Avenue Mont-Royal is a great place to stop in and grab a to-go cup as you explore one of the best walking streets in the city (and the home of Taverne Toulouse!)

Pikolo Espresso Bar

If quality coffee is what you’re after, Pikolo is the place to go. It’s in a busy spot, but things are always relaxing inside. The interior has a very warm and inviting atmosphere, with some polish and class to go along with it. I always feel fancy when I’m in there. The coffee is delicious, and the baristas know their stuff (which is great but also intimidating because I totally do not know my espresso stuff.) It’s an awesome place to go with friends, or even a hot date. You’re sure to impress!

I could go on listing Montreal cafes all day. I actually don’t even know the names of some of my all time favourites because I love to wander and pop into whatever place I find, then hope I happen to wander to the same place again someday. Not exactly efficient, but great for adventure!

If you need some more cafe inspiration and Montreal vibes, head on over here to grab a copy of Glass Half Full!


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