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  • Katia Rose

This Used to Be Easier is now LIVE!

Today's the day! Cue the air horns and confetti canons! My newest book is now LIVE and available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited. This books has been a long time coming, and I'm beyond excited to finally be able to share it with everyone.

Grab your copy here!

Here's what you can expect from This Used to Be Easier:

  • A quaint small town full of quirky characters

  • Two former best friends with some unresolved feelings

  • Lots of sapphic pining

  • A well-meaning mother hellbent on learning lesbian slang terminology

  • A canoe rescue mission

  • One of my favourite kisses I've ever written

  • My signature blend of humor, heat, and heart with a touch of angst

Here's what some early Goodreads reviewers have to say about it:

"Katia writes some of her most poetic and lyrical stuff and it makes you feel like you’re floating on her words and drowning in their feelings. It’s that beautiful."

-Anna Reads Here

"I can’t say which book I loved more (Catch and Cradle or this one). And I somehow don’t wanna choose. Both are perfect in their own way."

-Conny B

"Katia Rose excels at making you feel all the emotions the characters are feeling as you read. Everything was so raw and real, it was amazing. All in all, I highly recommend this book. Go read it!!!"


I'm thrilled to see so many people already connecting with Meg and Connie's story! I have a whole release week's worth of festivities planned, so keep an eye out for some special features here on the blog. In the meantime, let's partayyyy!



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