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  • Katia Rose

Top Nine for 2023

It's that time of year again! I'm sharing my self-selected top nine of 2023. These are the Instagram posts from the past year that make me feel the most joyful and proud:

I'll be honest: my author career was not my top priority this year, and while part of me feels guilty about my 'lack' of accomplishments and how much more I could have done, I know I made the choice to focus on living beyond my laptop screen for a reason. This was the first time I spent the entire year as a full time author, and after so many grueling years spent striving and striving to reach that point while making many sacrifices along the way, I needed some time to actually ENJOY the life I'd built instead of rushing to ask, 'What's next?'

I'm feeling ready to ask that question in 2024, but for now, here's a little recap of what my top nine picks for 2023 were all about:

  • Publishing my 16th novel and starting my first ever sapphic series

  • Finding out my partner and I got accepted to move to England together

  • Slayingggg my first ever signing convention

  • Getting to share the signing experience with my partner and following it up with an epic California road trip

  • Finding out I've been accepted to sign at RARE Edinburgh in 2024

  • Catch and Cradle being the first of my books to reach 1000 reviews on the 'Zon

  • Setting up my new writing nook at home in England

  • Having two new audiobooks from my back list release

  • Rocking my Weird Barbie costume on Halloween to commemorate what will probably always be known as the year of the Barbie movie

Thank you to every single romance community member who's been a part of my journey so far. You're why I do what I do, and I can't wait for another year in such amazing company.



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