C O N T E N T  A D V I S O R Y

A content advisory for each of my books is included below. Please note that some readers may consider this page to include spoilers.

The use of content advisories is an ongoing and important discussion in the literary world. If you feel this page has not addressed concerns of yours or if you have any feedback, please feel free to get in touch with me directly on my contact page, if you feel comfortable doing so. I would love to continue working to make all my readers feel safe and supported. 


The Devil Wears Tartan

Explicit sexual content, reference to fat-shaming, parent with depression, accidental overdose (occurs off-page, character recovers), reference to substance abuse, reference to verbal abuse from a parent

This Used to Be Easier

Explicit sexual content, anxiety, panic attacks, homophobia, homophobic parents of a queer character, a character being hospitalized for a concussion, reference to racism

Catch and Cradle

Explicit sexual content, ableism, reference to abortion, reference to emotional abuse/manipulation, reference to a character’s forced outing, reference to homophobia

Stop and Stare

Sexual content, reference to fat-shaming

Thigh Highs

Explicit sexual content, workplace harassment

Latte Girl

Explicit sexual content, parent with heart disease, reference to a parent having a stroke, reference to childhood trauma due to a parent’s illness, workplace harassment

Barflies Series


The Bar Next Door

Explicit sexual content, death of a grandparent, reference to past death of a parent

Glass Half Full

Explicit sexual content, drug use, reference to a character’s past incarceration, anxiety, panic attacks, racism, workplace harassment

One for the Road

Explicit sexual content, reference to drug use, reference to violence against sex workers, reference to a character's disappearance and presumed violence against them

When the Lights Come On

Explicit sexual content, emotional abuse/manipulation from a parent, reference to a character being drugged against their will, racism, family estrangement


Sherbrooke Station Series

Your Rhythm

Explicit sexual content, reference to alcohol abuse

Your Echo

Explicit sexual content, alcohol abuse, reference to the life-altering injury of a parent, reference to childhood trauma resulting from the injury of a parent, family estrangement

Your Sound

Explicit sexual content, anxiety, ableism, fear and shaming of ADHD

Your Chorus

Explicit sexual content, racism, parental neglect, reference to a past incident of sexual abuse by a step-parent against a minor,  heart attack (occurs off-page, character recovers), family estrangement