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T H E  D E V I L 

W E A R S  T A R T A N

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Some couples are a match made in heaven.

Moira and Kenzie are convinced the only place they’re a match is in hell.

Raised as the shining prodigies of warring highland dance schools, the two grew up with blaring bagpipes as the backing track for a feud that took them all the way to the world championships.

Moira could never keep Kenzie’s icy glares from getting under her skin, and Kenzie could never hold back an eye-roll as she watched the crowds fawn over her rival’s happy-go-lucky charm.

Starting college has forced both women to hang up their kilts, but when their local highland dance association announces a scholarship for a life-changing amount of money, they find themselves back onstage for one last season.

The stakes are higher than ever, but between shooting daggers at each other’s backs and insults at each other’s faces, their eyes start lingering, their hearts start pounding, and the sparks begin to build into a fire neither of them can control.

Hell could freeze before either woman would admit their attraction, but that won’t stop them from using it to play dirty—and getting caught in the crossfire of their feelings along the way.

After all, sometimes the devil wears tartan.

The Devil Wears Tartan is a New Adult WLW dramedy from Katia Rose featuring more bagpipes than anyone asked for and two fiercely competitive heroines caught in a sizzling shift from enemies to lovers.


“So you’re back.”

I brace for my own emotional extreme as Kenzie takes a few steps closer. She’s wearing a full Stewie tracksuit, the navy blue fabric clinging to her body, which is still almost as willowy as it was when we were kids. Her dark hair is pulled back in a ponytail so tight it makes the angles of her face look even more severe: pristine arched brows, high cheekbones, and almond eyes so deep brown they’re almost black. The only thing soft about her is the spray of freckles over her nose, and you have to be pretty close to see those.

About as close as I am now.

For a moment, my breath catches. I realize my throat has gone dry, and I fight the sudden urge to move even closer to her.

“Yeah, I am,” I answer after forcing myself to swallow. “Been waiting around for me? I heard you’ve never left the scene.”

I try not to cringe at myself for calling it the scene, like this is some sort of ex-drug-lord showdown.

She takes another step towards me, and I feel my pulse flare. “I heard you left the country and became a college dropout.”

My face heats, and I know the top of my chest is going to start turning red any second now. She’s always had an uncanny ability to say exactly what I don’t want to hear.

“Well, you heard wrong,” I say through a clenched jaw. “I’m at Ottawa U now.”

“What I heard was that you couldn’t make it in...was it Australia?”

“South Africa,” I blurt before I can stop myself.

It’s really none of her business.

“Yeah, that was it. I heard you ended up back home after only a few months, and that that’s the reason your mom gave you this teaching job.”

I give up on witty comebacks and ball my hands into fists as I let my knee-jerk response slip out. “You know what, Kenzie? I do not need your shit. Everyone knows you have as big a stick up your ass as Catherine Stewart does and that that’s the only reason you got your teaching job.”


She folds her arms over her chest and tilts her head to the side. “Is that so?”

The cool disinterest in her tone makes me fume even harder, but I do my best to keep my voice even.

“Yes, it is so. Just stay out of my way today, Kenzie. Like I said, I don’t need this.”

I turn around and start marching off after Deanna, bracing for a final remark, but all she does is let out a short huff of laughter.

Somehow, that one sound takes all the satisfaction out of getting the last word.

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