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  • Katia Rose

Motivation Monday

It’s Monday! You know what that means? Of course you know what that means! It means there’s only three days left until ‘Latte Girl’ is live. ONLY THREE. I am oscillating between emotions so fast it’s hard to tell exactly what I’m feeling, but extreme excitement is definitely a predominant one.

I thought I’d tie today in with the Motivation Monday trend by showcasing some of the quotes I’ve found to be most helpful and motivating so far in my writing career. Here is a nifty little slideshow for your viewing pleasure:

I also want to give a shout-out to the awesomeness that is The Creative Penn and Your Writer Platform. Both sites are a wealth of information, and I've found myself constantly referring back to them throughout the self publishing process.

Indie Tea is an indie romance specific site with some great articles, and their post 'Common Sense Tea' has some excellent tips and, well, common sense! I found myself super motivated to go forth even further into the world of writing after reading it.

The super incredible Melanie Harlow also has a fantastic series of blog posts giving advice to writers that you can find here.

Finally, Staci Hart has shared a speech she gave at the Indie Tea Writing retreat on her blog. Any prospective indie author should give it a read. It's honest, funny, heartwarming, and encouraging. If you're looking for something to motivate you this Monday, it will certainly do the job!


While you're at it, head to the Katia Rose Facebook page to get in on the giveaway action that is still going on, and watch out for a special excerpt on the blog tomorrow. THREE DAYS, GUYS. THREE MORE DAYS.

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