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  • Katia Rose

Location, Location, Location

We're going on an adventure! For today's Catch and Cradle release week event, we're going on a little tour of Halifax, Nova Scotia to view some of the locations from both Catch and Cradle and the (free!) standalone companion novella, Stop and Stare.

Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia, which is part of the group of east coast provinces in Canada known as the Maritimes ('Fun times in the Maritimes!' is a great phrase). Canada's east coast has a pretty small population and quite a distinct culture known for its homey small town, fishing village vibes. Halifax is the 'metropolis' of the area, with a population of just under half a million.

Halifax is also part of Miꞌkmaꞌki territory, the ancestral and current home of the Miꞌkmaq people. A great place to start learning more about the history of this land and others that have been forcibly settled, with an ongoing need for reconciliation efforts on the part of settlers and their descendants, is the Native Land app.

In this tour, we'll hit up some of Becca, Hope, and the rest of the UNS gang's favourite spots to hang out in the city.

University of Nova Scotia/Dalhousie University

UNS is a fictional university (I know, I know, so sad that Jim the lobster mascot isn't a real life thing), but it was very much inspired by Halifax's Dalhousie University, which is a well-known school throughout Canada. Fun fact: I actually considered doing a Costume Studies program at Dal back when I was deciding what to do after high school! Taking a stroll around the Dalhousie campus is what I imagine a day at UNS would be like, although their sports team is called the Tigers, not the Lobsters. You can check out Dal on Google Maps here.

Citadel Hill

Aside from the airport, I haven't been to Halifax since I was in junior high, but one of my most distinct memories there is sitting on Citadel Hill, which is home to an old military fort and also lots of grassy hillside lawns perfect for summer lounging. There are a couple scenes from Catch and Cradle that take place on this hill, including Becca's run at the beginning of the book and the later Pita Pit Incident with Hope. You can virtually wander around the hill on Google Maps here.

Point Pleasant Park

This park at the very tip of the city's south end is an important location in Stop and Stare. A very special scene between Iz and Marina takes place here, and it's also Iz's secret running spot. The park has forests, coastline access, and lots of walking trails. It's also very easy to get to from the city, although most things are considering the size of Halifax. You can take a virtual stroll here.

The Waterfront

Halifax's waterfront is a hip and happening place for locals and tourists alike. It's filled with restaurants, bars, shops, and lots of street performers in the summer. The UNS gang occasionally wanders down here in both books, and it's where Becca and Kala's favourite brunch spot is. Check it out on Google Maps here.

And thus concludes our tour! To read about all these places in the books, find Catch and Cradle here and grab your free copy of Stop and Stare here. Happy reading!


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