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  • Katia Rose

One of My Favourite Kisses

The 'first kiss' scene in This Used to Be Easier is one of my favourite 'first' kisses for a couple I've ever written (quotes necessary because it's technically not Meg and Connie's first kiss, as the book's blurb makes it clear). It's so swoony, emotional, and pretty steaming hot too!

Meg and Connie don't exactly have the easiest journey to get here, but all the years of confusion and longing just make the moment even sweeter and more powerful. I was literally cheering for them as I wrote it!

Whether or not you've read the story already, you can keep on reading to get a little glimpse of the scene below, and don't forget to grab your copy of the book here!


I use my thumbs to brush the last of her tears away. Her eyes drop closed as her bottom lip trembles.

“You’re all I’ve thought about,” she says, eyes still shut. “I’ve tried with other girls, always came back to you.”

I close my eyes too. I bring my face closer to hers and match the sound of her breath with mine. We’re so close I can almost taste her.

“Can I kiss you, Meg?”

She doesn’t answer with words. She answers with her mouth on mine. Her lips are warm and soft, a million times better than I remembered, like candy and peaches and long summer afternoons. For a few minutes, the kiss is soft too, hesitant, like a conversation with someone you knew a long time ago, but then one of her hands grips the end of my ponytail. I slide my own hands around the back of her neck.

She kisses me—really kisses me, her mouth burning hot and hungry as she nudges mine open, sweeping her tongue along my bottom lip just like I remembered.

When her tongue touches mine, I can’t help it. I moan and fall into her, pushing her backwards until she’s sitting on the dock and I’m sitting in her lap, my legs wrapped around her waist. I don’t break the kiss the whole time. Our chests are pressed together. The hand that’s not wrapped around my ponytail snakes up under the hem of my shirt.

I moan again and throw her hat down on the dock, twining my hands into her hair like I’ve thought about doing every day since she showed up this summer. I tip her head back, taking control of the kiss, and her hips buck up to meet mine.

Nothing has ever felt this good. Nothing has ever felt this right. Four whole years of craving this are urging me on. I’ve never needed someone so badly. I’ve never felt so needed in return.

When we’re both so breathless we have to stop kissing, she stares up at me with hooded eyes. Her chest is heaving, and mine is too. The dark glimmer in her eyes makes it hard not to start kissing her again the second our mouths break apart.

A hazy smile lifts the corners of her lips.

“Goddamn,” she murmurs.

I nod and let out a breathless laugh. “Goddamn.”

Read the whole story here!


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