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  • Katia Rose

Turning Back is Here!

Turning Back, the second book in my Three Rivers series, is now LIVE! I can't wait to take us all back to River's Bend for another Rivers sisters adventure! You can grab the book in ebook or paperback, or read it in Kindle Unlimited here:

Check out the tropes info below for what to expect, and trust me when I say you do nooot want to miss that 'only one tent' scene heheheh ;)

Turning Back can be read as a standalone, so no worries if you want to dive right in and catch up on Passing Through later (although it's currently on a Kindle monthly deal for half price in the US and Canada, so now is a good time to grab it!)

Here's what some early reviewers are saying on Goodreads:


"I can't praise this enough, honestly. This is my new favorite by Katia Rose."



"Intense, gripping and so hot!"




"Had me carrying around my kindle all day."




"Funny, sweet, tension-filled romance with a happy ending."




"Only one tent is rapidly becoming one of my favorite tropes."




"Returning to the world of Three Rivers feels like returning home."



I also squealed when I saw this in Rose's review: "I read this book while wearing my Three Rivers Hoodie, and I can't explain how real it made it all feel! I might have to get another one!"

I wrote this whole book in my Three Rivers hoodie! Twinsies!

Watching you all fall in love with the world of Three Rivers means more than I can say, and my heart is SO FULL OF LOOOOVE ! I can't wait for everyone to meet Trish and Kennedy. Three Rivers is calling you home <3


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