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  • Katia Rose

'Latte Girl' Dream Cast

Six days until ‘Latte Girl’ is live! We’re onto our second day of the pre-release week schedule, and the item on today’s agenda is a dream casting call for the characters in the novel.

I was really excited about doing this until I sat down to actually think about it and realized I don’t have a clue who I would want to play most of the cast in ‘Latte Girl’. I’ve been scrolling through IMDB lists to give myself some inspiration and I’ve included a few of my picks so far below, although I keep changing them every five seconds.

Hailey: I know this really unoriginal considering they already have the same name, but I think Hailee Steinfeld would make a great Hailey. She doesn't look anything like I imagined Hailey looking though, so maybe if she had a strawberry blonde alter ego?

Jordan: Of course, the pick for Jordan can be no other than a mash up of Andrew Garfield and Liam Hemsworth. This is a dream cast, after all.

"I may or may not have combined their photos in a creepy online face morphing thing. The results may or may not have been beautiful enough to haunt my dreams ever since."

-Hailey, Latte Girl

Brittney: Amanda Seyfried...perhaps

Trisha: I think Zosia Mamet could pull off a role as Trisha. A toned down and less materialistic version of Shoshanna Shapiro would be spot on for Trisha

Ludo: It’s weird, but I always pictured Ludo as looking like a more unkempt and less refined version of John Slattery (aka Roger Sterling in Mad Men)

Steve: Freddie Stroma

Mina: Jena Malone, but a bit older

Mel: Laurie Holden, but a bit younger

Tod: I feel like if Zac Efron bleached his hair and drank a bunch of Red Bull and acted like a bro, he would be Tod

Emma: Maggie Gyllenhaal, but older and shorter

Emerson: Charles Dance (okay, yes, I totally picked him because Tywin Lannister is a similarly evil dad)

And those are my very indecisive casting decisions for ‘Latte Girl’! I’d love to hear if you have any casting choices of your own after reading the novel.


Don’t forget to check out the Facebook page for some sweet gift card giveaways, and keep an eye out for more giveaways up for grabs leading up to release day. Tomorrow we’ll be taking a look at a ‘Latte Girl’ inspired playlist, so be sure to check back here on the blog!

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