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Playlist for 'Latte Girl'

Five days! Release day is getting ever closer. Today I’ll be giving a bit more insight on the ‘Latte Girl’ playlist, and explaining why I chose to include each track. You can find the playlist here.

I’ve included the lyric from each song that I feel most connects with the novel, as well as the scene or aspect of the story it best applies to.

Here we go!

Help I’m Alive- Metric

‘If my life is mine, what shouldn’t I do?’

I think this song fits well with the theme of doing what feels right for you even when it’s terrifying

Coffee- Sylvan Esso

‘Wild winter, warm coffee’

I mean, it is called ‘Coffee’, ha ha. I think this is a very cozy cafe jam, but it’s also a bit sultry, which suits 'Latte Girl' perfectly

Karma Police- Radiohead

‘I’ve given all I can, it’s not enough’

Jordan’s jam when he’s forced to sell his soul to the family company

Time- Onuka

‘I’m sorry I could not freeze time’

Another sultry cafe jam, also filled with the kind of longing and regret present in parts of the book

The Love You’re Given- Jack Garrett

‘If you won’t take the love you’re given, then at least let me go’

Hailey’s song for when she challenges Jordan to change

Till Sunrise- Gold Room

‘That night I wished for you to stay until sunrise’

For the ‘Casa Del Jordan’ chapter *eyebrow waggle*

Waiting- City and Colour

‘So say goodbye to love and hold your head up high’

When Hailey and Jordan are all angsty and sad

Reminder- Mumford and Sons

‘So I watched the world tear us apart, a stoic mind and a bleeding heart’

Jordan definitely has this on a ‘Sad Songs’ playlist

Little Lion Man- Mumford and Sons

‘I really fucked it up this time, didn’t I my dear?’

Basically Jordan’s theme song on his mission for redemption

Do You Love Me Still? – The Kooks

‘I need your heart beating next to my heart’

If the chapter ‘Puzzling’ had a theme song for itself, this would be it

She Is- The Fray

‘She is everything I need that I never knew I wanted’

I think this suits the theme of Jordan and Hailey building each other up into better people ready to go after what they want

You and Me- Disclosure ft. Eliza Doolittle (Flume Remix)

‘It’s gonna be everything you ever dreamed’

This is totally one of Hailey and Jordan’s sexy time jams, and what I would have playing during the credits if their story were a movie.

'Latte Girl' is available for pre-order here!

Tomorrow the fun will continue with a recipe for a latte that's featured in the book. There are still a few Amazon gift card giveaways going on the Katia Rose Facebook page as well, so be sure to head over there and enter for a chance to win!

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