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  • Katia Rose

Amaretto Latte Recipe

It’s Sunday, folks: a day for chill and cozy times. Sundays are probably my favourite day of the week for hitting up cafes, as they tend to be a lot less crowded and a bit more relaxing when people aren’t rushing in for coffee on their way to and from busy days at work.

If you prefer you get your caffeine fix at home though, today is a good day for you too! In honour of the four-days-until-release mark, I’m providing a recipe for the amaretto latte featured in ‘Latte Girl’. This is the drink Hailey’s friend Mel serves at her cafe, Cuppa Joe. It’s just the right mix of sweet vanilla and tart espresso, with some booze thrown in there for both flavour and fun.

Amaretto Latte

Serves One

  1. Prepare one shot of espresso in a large mug

  2. Add 1 oz. amaretto and 1 tbsp. vanilla

  3. Pour 6 oz. Steamed milk over the mix

  4. Top with milk foam and enjoy!

Alterations for people without fancy coffee making stuff:

Like most people, I don’t own an espresso maker or a milk steamer. To compensate, you can substitute extra strong coffee for espresso and make your own steamed milk by pouring warm milk into a French press and madly plungering it until it gets foamy.

You could also grab yourself a latte at your local cafe and sneakily pour some amaretto in it under the table, but I’m not taking responsibility if you get caught.


You can grab your copy for 99 cents and think to yourself "Hey, I know how to make that!" when Mel's latte comes up. Tomorrow I'll be doing a Motivation Monday post on the blog, in which I'll share some of the quotes and articles that kept me inspired while writing 'Latte Girl' so stay tuned!

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