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  • Katia Rose

Your Rhythm is LIVE!

I hold my mostly empty beer up against my chest and push my way through the crowd, trying not to stumble as I do.

I am such a lightweight.

Matt’s still propped against the edge of the bar when I reach him. The crowd is thinner over here and I get a good look at him from a few feet away: sandy undercut hair and an angular face, softened by full lips and just the right amount of stubble. He’s got the perfect features to pull off his eyebrow piercing, and while they’re currently covered by a navy blue coat, all my internet stalking has proved he’s got the perfect arms to pull off the collection of tattoos on both.

Eric the Surfer might have been hot in a general sense, but Matt Pearson is one hundred percent my type.

Did I just admit someone in Sherbrooke Station is my type?

“Hey,” I call sharply, hoping I can help myself deny that little revelation by acting annoyed with him. “Giving up that easy?”

He gives me a cautious glance and then shifts his eyes from side to side, like he’s making sure I’m really talking to him.

“On looking for me,” I elaborate. “I’m Kay Fischer.”

Now his dark eyes travel up and down the length of me in a completely unapologetic stare. He smirks when they reach mine again.


That’s the moment Matt Pearson gets his first look at Kay Fischer, and today is the day the world gets its first look at their story. ‘Your Rhythm’ is now LIVE!

Cue the epic guitar solo.

Actually, a drum solo might be more appropriate. ‘Your Rhythm’ is the story of a music journalist who finds herself falling for the drummer of a rock band she’s been tasked with writing a story about. It’s filled with steamy encounters, some humorous twists, and all the music-loving moments that make rock star romances so fun to read. I’m sooooo thrilled to finally able to share it with everyone!

You can find the book for sale on Amazon here.

I have heaps of stuff planned for release week. So much so, in fact, that I made a handy dandy little schedule to keep track of it all. Stay tuned on the blog throughout the week for some insider details and extras.

Thanks to everyone who’s already checked it out, and to all the bloggers and early readers who are helping me make this day even more special. Let’s do this thang!


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