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  • Katia Rose

Sherbrooke Station Soundspo

So you've met the Sherbrooke Station boys. You've read all the books. You've just finished Your Chorus, and you're yearning for something to assuage deep the sense of loss you feel now that the series is complete. You know music could fill this hole in your heart, but what music? If only Sherbrooke Station's songs were real.

Well, I have good news! I can't give you a Sherbrooke Station album, but I CAN share some of the bands that inspired the group's fictional sound. Music was a very important part of writing this series, and there were a few artists in particular that I would listen to when trying to get a feel for what being at a Sherbrooke Station concert would be like. Here are some recommendations:

Nothing But Thieves

Half Moon Run

Royal Blood


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