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  • Katia Rose

'Your Rhythm' Survival Guide

So you’ve got your copy of ‘Your Rhythm’ loaded up on your Kindle, your favourite reading nook is all prepared, and you’re ready to dive into the world of Sherbrooke Station.

Or are you?

Whether you’re settling in to binge on the whole thing in one go or prefer to take things a few chapters at a time, this ‘Your Rhythm’ Survival Guide will provide you with a list of the tools you need to have a killer reading experience.

#1: A music playing device

Music is a huge part of the story, and –fun fact!—all of the chapters are named after different songs, so the table of contents doubles as the book’s playlist! Listen along as you read to hear all the songs that inspired the novel. Some even feature within the story itself, so you’ll definitely want to have the Foo Fighter’s ‘Everlong’ queued up for the grand finale. There’s also a few Canadian and Montreal-based artists on there to get you in the zone.

#2: Poutine!

No good reading session is complete without snacks. If you’re looking for something Montreal-themed, get yourself some cheese and gravy-covered fries (and if poutine isn’t available where you are, anything indulgently cheesy will do.) Matt and Kay have a scene in the book where they discuss poutine’s reputation as a late night go-to while splitting a plate of this Quebecois classic.

#3: A map of Montreal

Google maps will do. This isn’t necessary to understand the story, but if you want to check out all the real-life locations mentioned in the book and follow along with all the characters’ escapades, I’d highly recommend having a maps app on hand.

#4: Your favourite fluffy blanket

While this is kind of a necessity for curling up with any book, the first half of ‘Your Rhythm’ takes place amidst of the frigid depths of a Montreal winter, and all those chilly descriptions might make you want to get extra snug.

#5: A guide to Quebecois slang

For some extracurricular fun, try looking up some basic guidelines for Quebecois French and learning what all the strings of swear words JP has a habit of letting out really mean ;)

#6: Earplugs

These aren’t for you; these are for anyone you might be sharing a house with. In many ways, ‘Your Rhythm’ is a story that celebrates the feeling you only get from losing yourself to music and getting caught up in a crowd all screaming in adoration of the same thing.

As Matt says, “There’s nothing like losing yourself in a crowd, like letting the sound-waves wash over you and sweep away everything but the moment you’re in. You give yourself up when you let go like that, and in return you get to be a part of something bigger than you could ever be on your own. Music can make you feel like a single drop and an entire ocean all at once.”

Consequentially, reading the book will most likely make you feel the urge to crank the tunes as loud as they’ll go and relive all your favourite concert memories, so make sure the people around you are prepared!

Now that you’re armed with the right gear, you’re ready to fire up that Kindle and tick ‘Your Rhythm’ off your TBR. Enjoy!

P.S. If you haven't picked up your copy yet, you can one-click it here.

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