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  • Katia Rose

It's Teaser Tuesday!

It’s that time of the week again! If you’re part of the #bookstagram community, you’re most likely familiar with the concept of Teaser Tuesday, but if not, let me fill you in. On Tuesdays, people share teasers. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

I’m super happy with how all the teaser images for ‘Your Rhythm’ turned out. I think the aesthetic really suits the story, and I loved designing them and picking out all the quotes. Putting teasers together is kind of a milestone for me every time I release a book. It’s a sign that things are finally starting to get real!

I thought I’d share a few extra ‘teasers’ on the blog here today in the form of some excerpts that show off what I consider to be the highlights of the book. If you haven’t read it yet, consider this some extra incentive to grab your copy, and if you have, read on for behind the scenes details about my writing process and what went into turning the idea for ‘Your Rhythm’ into the finished product.

Kyle Pearson

“I’ve been thinking, Kyle. Mom and Dad are on my ass about getting them tickets to our Metropolis show in June. They keep going on and on about how it’s their last chance to see me before the Euro-Tour. So I decided maybe, under complete parental supervision and with clear limitations in mind, you could come with them and spend some time with me and the band.”

There’s silence on the other end of the line, and then he starts shouting so loud I have to pull the phone away from my ear.


“Big K?” I choke out, once he’s stopped making noises that I think are supposed to be gunshots and cash register sounds. “Take a piece of brotherly advice and never call yourself that again.”

He doesn’t pay any attention. “We’re going to rock the world together, BB. Montreal won’t know what hit it!”

“Did you hear anything about my parental supervision requirement?”

More gunshot noises. I take it the answer is no.

Oh Kyle. Matt’s little brother definitely adds an element of comic relief to the story, but he also helps readers see the caring and concerned side of Matt’s personality that makes him the big brother of the band. In the first draft of the novel, Kyle’s character was only mentioned in passing, but I really enjoyed expanding on him when revising and feel he adds a lot to the book.

JP Bouchard-Guindon

“I think,” pants JP, as he pulls off his hat to reveal the dishevelled man bun underneath, “we’re out of synch during the bridge for ‘2 AM.’ I keep missing your queue.”

“Should we make a secret hand signal?” I joke.

He starts flashing different gang signs that get more and more idiotic as he goes.

“Just tell me when you see one you like.”

“Maybe you should just do that on stage instead of playing,” I tell him.

“Don’t give him any ideas,” mutters Cole.

I’ve noticed JP has become something of a fan favourite among ‘Your Rhythm’ readers, and I totally have a soft spot for him too. He’s a goof who always knows how to lighten the mood, and I can’t wait to show a deeper side of him when he gets his own book in the series. He really came to life while I was writing and stole the show more than once.

All the Music Moments

I tap out the rhythm of the song on the side of my pint glass. The rush of energy pounding through the speakers and inside the chests of everyone here distracts me from anything else for a moment. Next to playing music myself, hearing it live is probably my biggest addiction.

There’s nothing like losing yourself in a crowd, like letting the sound-waves wash over you and sweep away everything but the moment you’re in. You give yourself up when you let go like that, and in return you get to be a part of something bigger than you could ever be on your own. Music can make you feel like a single drop and an entire ocean all at once.

Describing the characters’ love for music and the role it plays in their lives was one of my favourite parts of writing the story, and it’s been so incredibly cool to see readers responding to that. There’s also several instances of the word ‘rhythm’ appearing in the story, during moments that are important for Matt and Kay and show them developing a bond.

The Sexy Times

He’s everywhere, his hands fisting my hair, knee pressing between my thighs. He practically shoves me up against the fridge and tugs my head back, attacking my mouth as his chest pins me in place. Any worries about us being recognized in the bar faded as soon as his lips met mine. I can hardly think anymore, but my body takes over for me. My finger hooks around his belt loop and draws him closer, until there’s nothing between us but fabric and heat.

He’s a demanding kisser, working my mouth at a pace that forces me to keep up. I let myself get caught up in his rhythm, feeling a pulsing between my legs every time his tongue sweeps across my lips. When he sucks the bottom one between his teeth, I can’t help but cry out, pulling away to give myself a moment to breathe.

“Damn it, Pearson.” My voice is shaky, exhilarated, like I’ve just run a mile. “You’re good at this.”

His grip on my hair tightens. “Just ‘good?’”

Okay, I’ll admit it: I really like writing sex scenes! I love being able to channel all those emotions and sensations through words. I think when they’re done well, physical scenes between characters can reveal so much to a reader and make the relationship being portrayed seem real and believably complex. In ‘Your Rhythm,’ these scenes show a vulnerable side of Kay she doesn’t often display elsewhere, and let us see how much she means to Matt. Plus, you know, they’re sexy!

These are just a few of what I consider the highlights of the book, and it’s been amazing to see readers agree. I’m so happy to be able to share this story and these characters with everyone.


As always, you can grab your copy of ‘Your Rhythm’ here.

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