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  • Katia Rose

'A Slippery Slope' Author Interview

She's back! August's Author of the Month, the awesome and talented Tanya Gallagher, has returned to the Katia Rose blog to share some insider details on her first novel, A Slippery Slope. I knew as soon as I checked out the blurb that this book was going to be a must-read, and it didn't disappoint! If you're a fan of humor, heart, kickass heroines, and thorough lubrication, be sure bump this one up on your TBR.

Check out Tanya and I's discussion below to find out what real-life inspiration made its way into the story, what advice Tanya has for aspiring entrepreneurs, and of course what both of our 'porn names' are.


Your author bio lets readers in on the fact that, like Natalie, you're a bit of a 'lube mogul' yourself! I'm going to ask the question on everyone's minds: how much of 'A Slippery Slope' was drawn from real life experience? Are there any trials and triumphs you share with Natalie? Any comedic moments that served as inspiration for the story?

There are definite parallels between A Slippery Slope and my own entrepreneurship journey—though I have to say my story has far less drama! Still, when you get into a not safe for work industry, everything gets a little more interesting. From having to tell my parents about my new job to accidentally leaving industry-specific blogs up on my computer when a friend came over to visit, I’ve gone through some of the same situation as Natalie. I think there’s this kind of confidence that you step into when you go from the idea stage of a business to the “I’m actually doing it” stage, and it was fun to explore that in A Slippery Slope. In this story we leave Natalie before we get to the customer feedback stage, but I have to tell you, some of those stories are pure gold!

There are a lot of beautiful and fond descriptions of Boston in the book. Do you have any personal ties to the city?

I lived in Boston during college, and that’s where I met my now-husband. The fictional town of Swan’s Hollow is loosely based on his hometown in Massachusetts—close enough to the city to be accessible but far enough away to feel like its own little bubble. Whenever we go back to visit family, I try to get a day in the city. Boston’s absolutely gorgeous, and I miss being able to walk everywhere!

Jackson Wirth is total boyfriend material. What aspects of his character do you think make him so irresistible, and so admirable as well?

Jackson’s a total keeper for a lot of reasons—he loves Natalie without trying to change who she is, he’s there for her even when things get tough, and he reminds her to live in the moment. He’s just such a champion for her, and that’s incredibly sexy. His good looks don’t hurt, either.

Do you have a favourite scene from the story?

Oooh, that’s a tough one. I have to say, Jackson and Natalie visiting a sex shop in Boston is pretty fun…not to mention the scene when they finally get back home afterward. :)

If someone thinking about starting an entrepreneurial venture were to read this book and be inspired by Natalie's journey, what further encouragement would you give them? What advice do you think all would-be entrepreneurs need to hear?

Diving into entrepreneurship can be such a rollercoaster, but the key is to remember why you started. Having a big-picture view is so important when you get caught up in the day to day, and remembering the things you love about your business can really motivate you. Remember that everything that happens today is a story you can tell tomorrow, so cherish those mess-ups just as much as the wins. They are all part of the journey!

Your new series, X Enterprises, focuses on the sex toy industry as well. What aspects of the series do you think readers who loved 'A Slippery Slope' will enjoy most?

The X Enterprises series was born out of a question - “What would your love life look like if you worked at a sex toy company?” and A Slippery Slope explores some of the same themes about having a not safe for work job. That being said, X Enterprises really leans into the humorous situations and is even more comedic. If you want to laugh and swoon at the same time, this series is for you.

A running joke in 'A Slippery Slope' is the porn name formula, i.e. your porn name is the name of your first pet plus the name of the first street you lived on. Mine is Mookie Redwood (*cringe*), so I just have to ask, what's your porn name?

Flopsy Boxwood. In my defense, Flopsy was a lop-eared rabbit!


If you haven't snagged a copy of A Slippery Slope yet, grab one right here. You find out more about Tanya and all her books on her website.

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