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  • Katia Rose

Your Echo is LIVE!

Drum roll please! Or maybe some kind of guitar intro would be more appropriate, seeing as today’s the day the singer and guitarist of Sherbrooke Station is having his story unleashed upon the world! That’s right: Your Echo is now LIVE.

I’m beyond thrilled to finally be able to share Ace and Stéphanie’s story with the world. Writing the second book in a series for the first time was kind of nerve wracking, but I’ve already been blown away by the support and love readers have shown for this couple. While it’s still a dramedy, this story definitely leans into the darkness more than my other books. I was really pulled into the complexities of these characters, and they totally won me over in their fight to overcome their pasts and build themselves a future. I can’t wait for readers to experience it too.

Your Echo will still be priced at just ninety-nine pennies for the rest of the week, so head on over here to snag your copy.

There will also be a bunch of extras on the blog all week, so check out this handy little schedule and be sure to check back for lots of behind the scenes details. There will also be a bonus scene released exclusively to Club Katia members at the end of the week. You can join here if you’re not yet part of da club.

A massive thank you to everyone who has helped make this release day extra special, and given this book a chance. I’m ridiculously grateful for all the support and enthusiasm I’m surrounded with, and I can’t wait to see what the future of this series holds!


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