• Katia Rose

Aaaand That's a Wrap!

Well, my friends, we've reached the end of yet another release week. This is the fourth one of my career so far, and I'm still totally overwhelmed by all the support and encouragement I've found in the indie romance community. It's truly a privilege to get to be a part of an industry built by and for (mostly) women who aren't afraid to own their desires and demand the kind of stories that express them.

THANK YOU to everyone who has shown Your Echo some love this week. It means the world to me to know you've taken a chance on an indie author whose still pretty new on the scene. There's tens of thousands of options out there, and the honour of knowing you've devoted some of your precious reading time to the Sherbrooke Station crew is not one that I take lightly. I can't wait to get more stories headed your way.

To celebrate the end of release week, I'm sending out an extended epilogue for Your Echo to members of Club Katia very shortly, so head on over here to join da club if you haven't yet. Eventually, each book in the series will have its own extended epilogue and they'll all be compiled in a collection that will be added to the Club Katia Exclusives library, but for now, keep an eye on your inbox to receive the scene!

So what's next for Sherbrooke Station? Well, we're already down two band members, so there's just two more to go. JP and Cole's stories are on their way. Look out for volume three in the series this winter!

W I T H   A   S I D E   O F   S M A R T

R O M A N C E   S E R V E D   S T E A M Y

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