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  • Katia Rose

It's Teaser Tuesday!

It's that time of the week again. #Teasertuesday is upon us, and since it's still release week for Your Sound, I'm teasing those of you who haven't read it yet with a little bit of the Molly and JP goodness you have to look forward to. Here's an excerpt from one of my personal favourite scenes in the book:


“Got any plans?” I ask her. “For the rest of this fine evening?”

“You probably wouldn’t consider them plans,” she admits, “but I don’t start class until late tomorrow, so I was going to put a movie on and do a snail mask.”

“A...snail mask?” I squint at her. “Like, des escargots?

She holds up a finger and rushes into her room, coming back with some kind of packet.

“A snail mask,” she repeats, holding the package out to me. “It revitalizes your youthful glow! I think it’s probably bullshit, but they make me feel nice.”

I read the label and glance over the instructions. “So this has snail...stuff in it, and you put it on your face?”

She nods.

“Well this I have to see,” I announce.

Ten minutes later, I’ve persuaded Molly to show me her snail mask. She was too embarrassed at first, but after lots of begging, I am now standing beside her in front of the bathroom mirror. I rip the packet she gave me open and pull out what looks like a slimy lump of wet toilet paper. Molly does the same thing next to me.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?” I demand.

“You have to untangle it,” she explains. “It’s actually a sheet in the shape of a face. You line it up like this”—her lump of toilet paper looks like a mask now, and she holds it up in front of her face—“and then you just stick it on.”

She smoothes the cloth down and I gasp in horror.

Tabarnak! You look like fucking Friday the 13th, Molly. Take it off!”

The thing even has little holes for her nostrils. It’s terrifying.

“I’m not taking it off.” She giggles and takes my mask out of my hands, unravelling it for me and holding it up.

“Come here and let me put this on you.”

I shake my head and lean away. “Non. I changed my mind. I want nothing to do with this.”

“It’s too late for that. Just put the damn mask on, JP.”


Find out what happens during the rest of impromptu spa night here!

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