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  • Katia Rose

Your Chorus: Release News and Official Playlist

Well, my friends, the day has finally arrived! The Sherbrooke Station series is now officially COMPLETE, and all four books are available for your reading pleasure. I couldn't be happier to introduce Your Chorus and give you a chance to meet Roxanne and Cole after waiting so long for their story.

It's been quite a journey to get here, both within the Sherbrooke Station world and in my own life as an author and member of the romance community. This was my first go at writing a series. I learned so much and was lucky enough to connect with so many incredible people through the writing and publishing of these books. It's been a wild ride I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to go on!

I'll try to save the sappiness for the end of release week, because right now, I've got a toooone of exciting stuff to share! I even have it all in handy dandy schedule format:

According to the aforementioned handy dandy schedule, today's item of interest is the official Your Chorus playlist! As with all the Sherbrooke Station books, each chapter in Your Chorus is named after a song that corresponds with the events or mood of that chapter. Thus, the table of contents is also the playlist, and you can listen along as you read!

You can find a link to listen to the playlist here, and the full track list is as follows:

1. Again || Noah Cyrus

2. Without You || Oh Wonder

3. Million Reasons || Lady Gaga

4. Hell || Tegan and Sara

5. 2 Heads || Coleman Hell

6. Oublie Moi || Coeur de Pirate

7. Time is Running Out || Muse

8. Times Like These || Foo Fighters

9. Lazy Eye || Silversun Pickups

10. Anna Sun || Walk the Moon

11. Oceans || Seafret

12. Stay || Rihanna

13. Shots || Imagine Dragons

14. Talk is Cheap || Chet Faker

15. Now or Never || Halsey

16. Troubled Mind || Dan Mangan

17. Guns + Ammunition || July Talk

18. My Blood || Twenty One Pilots

19. Clearest Blue || CHVRCHES

20. Ready to Let Go || Cage the Elephant

21. Now or Never Now || Metric

22. Dead Sea || The Lumineers

23. Read My Mind || The Killers

Music is such an important part of this series, both for the characters whose stories it tells and for me during the writing of them. Two of these songs in particular were extremely pivotal for the book:

'Read My Mind' by The Killers- You know how some couples have 'their' song? This is that song for Roxanne and Cole. It's that experience of having a piece of music follow you around, of feeling it resonate through the entirety of your life and continuously offer you support, consolation, and hope as you navigate the ups and downs fortune throws your way, no matter what stage of your journey you're at. It pulls these two together, and it's there for them at all the toughest and most joyful parts of their relationship.

'Now or Never Now' by Metric- I first heard this song when I was in the middle of writing Your Chorus, and I was totally floored by how well the lyrics fit the book. Whenever I was feeling uninspired or frustrated with the story, I'd listen to this song and remember why I started in the first place. I was lucky enough to get to see Metric live a few days before Your Chorus released, and this was their last song of the night. It was a truly special and momentous experience for me.

I hope you enjoy the extra level of depth and connection the playlist gives to the book, and that it makes your experience getting to know Roxanne and Cole and seeing the whole series wrap up even more epic! Watch out for some continuing release week fun here on the blog, and don't forget to join in on Club Katia to make sure you get access to all the extras!


P.S. If you missed yesterday's Book Boyfriend Quiz (which I highly recommend taking!) you can find it here.

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