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  • Katia Rose

My Favourite Quotes from TDWT

We're nearing the end of release week for The Devil Wears Tartan, and I am still so totally floored at the response from readers. The book has been soaring through the charts, and I've been thrilled to receive so many messages from readers who were touched by the story. I've even had a few fellow former highland dancers reach out to say how much they loved being able to relate to that part of the character's lives, which has been amazing!

Grab your copy or borrow it in Kindle Unlimited here!

For today's release week event, I'm sharing a few of my favourite quotes from the book. These are spoiler-free, so feel free to peruse whether you've wrapped up the book or are just getting started!

"True happiness is never small or ordinary, no matter where it comes from.”

"I really need to publish a book called Shit People Say at Highland Dance Competitions.”

"The truth is that I want to spend my whole life in those ruby red moments inside the Murray School of Highland Dance. I want to give those moments to as many kids as I can. I want to spend every single day showing people how beautiful, exciting, and important highland dance can be."

"For the few minutes her skin sat warm and welcoming against my own, there was no black hole underneath me. There were no cracks in the ground just waiting for me to mess up and swallow me whole. There was just us, wrapped in the glow of a streetlamp like we’d stepped inside our very own star."

“I’m not interested in what you’re not, Moira. I promise you, no one in their right mind could think about anything you’re not when what you are is fucking beautiful.”

"She tastes like music, like sunshine bouncing through an open window frame, like candle smoke and church bells and the glimmer of dawn on the snow.

I want to drink her up. I want bottles and bottles of her."

"This may be the first time in the history of the Scottish Dance Organization of Ottawa that anyone has ever been kicked out of a Tartan Tea."

"I spent a full hour laying on my bed wondering how the hell Kenzie and I went from years of hating each other to the complete opposite experience of wanting to tear each other’s clothes off before I realized that, for us at least, those aren’t opposites at all. There’s always been a pull between us, something that draws our eyes to each other in every room, something that keeps us fuming over arguments for weeks and throwing ourselves into every chance for a competition like it’s a matter of life or death. She makes me feel alive, and it doesn’t matter if we happen to be fighting or flirting. All it takes is being near her to make the whole world light up and burn so bright it almost hurts."


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