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  • Katia Rose

#ThrowbackThursday: Highland Dance

The Devil Wears Tartan has already introduced many readers to a brand new setting: the world of highland dance. I did highland dance from childhood all the way through my teen years, and I've been wanting to write a romance novel set in the community since the very start of my career. I had SO much fun working on the book, and I'm now loving the opportunity it's given me to share about highland dance with my readers. I've even had a few fellow former dancers reach out to tell me how much they loved the story, which has been amazing to hear!

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For today's release week event, I'm sharing a few old photos from my years in a kilt and a bit about what got me into highland dance in the first place. For those who'd like to see me in action, I put my ghillies back on to celebrate release day and did a littleeee bit of highland dance on TikTok (be warned: I'm about a decade out of practice).

The first time I ever saw highland dance performed was at a recital put on by the dance school where I was taking ballet. I did ballet as a very young child and then got back into it when I was about ten, but as soon as I saw that first highland performance, I knew I needed to try it out. I eventually left ballet behind, but I stuck with highland all the way up until I graduated high school.

I was taught by a mother-daughter team of two amazing coaches who were always so thoughtful, kind, and hilarious. They're a big part of what made highland dance such a special part of growing up for me, and their whole family's involvement in the highland community definitely helped shaped the fictional Murray School in The Devil Wears Tartan.

I started competing pretty late in my highland years, and I think there'll always be a part of me that wonders how far I could have gotten if I'd started earlier. That being said, I absolutely LOVED the competitions I did do. There are so many funny and heartwarming 'if you know, you know' moments that happen at highland competitions, and I'm thrilled to get to share a bit of that with everyone who reads the book.

Ready to enter the world of kilts and bagpipes? Get your copy of The Devil Wears Tartan here!


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