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  • Katia Rose

New and FREE Holiday Short Story

T'is the season that usually involves the giving of gifts, and I've prepared a super special one for my amazing reader community, Club Katia. The CK crew is an incredible group of romance lovers like me who come together to talk books, party on release days, and support each other through the ~journey of life~.

I don't know what I would do without them. Writing books and putting them out into the world is a much more joyful experience when you have a whole community of people cheering you on, and I'm honored to fill those people's reading time with my words.

And so, as a seasonal offering of gratitude, I've written a collection of short stories featuring the cast of my Barflies series, and it's a completely FREE download just for Club Katia!

If you're not already a CK member, join here and get access to the collection along with all the other awesome titles in our secret library of bonus content. It is pretty damn cool.

Here's a little bit more about Meet Me at Midnight to let you know what you're in for:

The countdown is on at Montreal’s most beloved dive bar. The staff of Taverne Toulouse have strung the tinsel, dimmed the lights, and prepared the confetti canons as yet another year of serving up pints and pitchers comes to a close.

Their love lives, however, are slightly less prepared for the New Year. In this collection of short stories featuring the cast of Katia Rose’s Barflies series, Paige handles a shocking surprise during a last minute trip to see Youssef, DeeDee leaves Zach questioning his sanity, Dylan and Renee struggle with an uncertain future, and Julien takes racing the clock to a whole new level when he misplaces a key component for asking Monroe to be his wife.

Get ready for laughter, tears, and one hell of a midnight kiss as all four couples navigate the joys and struggles that come after the happily ever after.

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