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  • Katia Rose

Quiz Time! Who's Your Barflies BFF?

Okay, I'll admit it: one of my guilty pleasures is doing personality quizzes. When Buzzfeed tells me they can recommend my next travel destination based on which photos of cute puppies I select, I'm all up on that quiz. I'll probably be sending it to all my friends and insisting they do it too.

So of courseee, now that the Barflies series has been wrapped up, I couldn't resist the temptation to create a personality quiz of my own based on the books. I've done this for new releases in the past, and I have a ridiculously fun time doing it.

This quiz will tell you which heroine from the series you'd be most likely to be best friends with, thus answering a burning question I'm sure you've had since starting the books.

If you're curious about the other quizzes I've made for my books, I've got you! You can find out which Sherbrooke Station hero is your ultimate book boyfriend here , which set of lingerie from Thigh Highs suits you best here, or which Latte Girl character you would be here.



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