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  • Katia Rose

Stop and Stare is Here!

I am SO excited to announce I'm starting Pride month off by releasing my first NB/F romance! Stop and Stare is queer a novella now available as a FREE download for members of my reader group. It's a new adult, friends-to-lovers rom-com, and it fills me with so much joy to be able to share it with everyone.

Stop and Stare is also a spinoff of my soon-to-be-released F/F debut, Catch and Cradle. You can read it either before or after C&C.

It's very personally important to me to have stories about women and non-binary people falling in love. There's not nearly enough of these books around, and I'm so excited to keep reading and writing more of them. Here's a bit of what I shared with my reader group during the story's launch explaining why it's so meaningful to me:

"Stop and Stare features a woman and a non-binary person who fall in love. That's a very normal thing in my life. It's a very wonderful, amazing, awesome, and beautiful thing in my life. It's also not a very normal thing to see in romance novels. I want more stories about women like me loving gender non-conforming people and those people loving them back. I want to see those couples get to experience joy, pain, and triumph just like any other couple. I want it to be more normal for everyone. So I wrote this story, and I intend to write and read many more like it. I hope you'll give it a shot too."

I can't wait for everyone to meet Iz and Marina and get to fall for their love story just like I did!



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