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  • Katia Rose

It's Getting Hot in Here

...So take off all your clothes.

Enemies-to-lovers is probably my favourite romance angle, both to read and to write. The inevitable banter and caustic comebacks never fail to entertain, and there's something about the "I shouldn't want him but I do!" dynamic that ups the tension and takes those steamy scenes to the next level.

So what better way to get you as excited for the 'Thigh Highs' release as I am than to share a scene that does just that? Below is a taste of what you can expect when Aaron, Christina, some lingerie, and a camera are all thrown into the same room.


“This is perfect,” Aaron murmurs, as he points the camera at me and adjusts the focus. “Could you lie back a bit?”

I do as he asks, lounging on the couch and trying to embody the cozy and comfortable look we’re going for. I feel anything but. Being stretched out in front of Aaron as he tells me what to do with my body is having an effect on my ovaries that’s becoming harder and harder to ignore.

In complete contrast to me, he seems totally focused now. He gets down on one knee and rotates the camera to take a few vertical shots.

“Perfect,” he repeats. “Put one arm behind your head and let the blanket trail over the edge of the couch.”

I follow his instructions.

“Now run your hand along your thigh.”

Even just the feeling of my own hand raises goose bumps on my skin. Aaron steps closer.

“Can I just...?”

He reaches for the edge of the babydoll, and when I don’t say anything in protest, he lifts the edge up so part of my stomach is exposed.

“Now if you just twist so that you’re—”

His hand closes over my hip and the sudden contact draws a gasp from me. His eyes snap up to mine, which I’m sure are wide with shock, both at his touch and how much I suddenly want it. His mouth drops open just slightly as the same heat I feel floods his features. He swallows and his thumb brushes over my hip, quickly enough that I tell myself it was just a twitch.

“So that you’re—” He has to pause to clear his throat, his voice now deeper than before. “So that you’re turned towards me a bit more.”

I shift under his grip and he pulls his hand away, backing up and crouching down again to hold up the camera. He works slower now, repositioning himself and zooming in and out a few times before I hear the shutter click.

“Turn over,” he orders, “on your stomach.”

I flip myself over, propping myself up on my elbows and resting my chin on my hands.

“I just need to fix your clothes a bit.”

He moves back towards me and I feel him adjusting the babydoll. Then his hand smoothes the band of my underwear and something in my body reacts before I can stop it, my back arching as my hips shift upwards, thrusting into his touch.

I go completely still, hoping he didn’t notice, but the way his hand hesitates over my skin makes it clear he has. I can hear both of us breathing in the seconds that follow, and then the heat of his palm presses into me harder. He traces the curve of my ass just slightly, not enough for me to call him out on it, even if I felt like I could speak right now.

“Good,” he says between heavy breaths. “That looks good.”

This time he moves to the arm of the couch, so we’re face to face.

“Look to the side,” he tells me, “and hold a corner of the blanket in one hand.”

He snaps a photo and then reaches out to tuck a lock of hair behind my ear. The tension between us has risen to a level where even that feels borderline erotic. I try to tell myself that this is the guy who was just hopping around to AC/DC in his underwear, the guy who described his dick as his most ‘valuable piece of equipment.’ He shouldn’t be able to make me feel this way.

The man I’m looking at right now feels like someone else, though. This is a side of Aaron Penn I haven’t seen. The guy who doesn’t take anything seriously now has a commanding intensity that my body won’t let me ignore. I know that if he started to pull the lingerie off me right now, I probably wouldn’t stop him.


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