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  • Katia Rose

Lingerie Quiz!

“Okay, here’s my pitch,” he begins. “Lingerie isn’t about sex; it’s about being sexy. I know it sounds similar, but there’s a difference. Ninety percent of guys will tell you that if it was only about logistics, they’d rather have a girl waiting stark naked in their beds than in some strappy, cagey, lacy thing that makes vagina access difficult.”

I scoff at the term ‘vagina access’ but let him continue.

“What makes lingerie so appealing isn’t the lingerie itself. It’s the effort behind it, the desire to make an impression, to be confident, to say ‘I’m so hot my body justifies spending seventy dollars on a bra that doesn’t even cover my nipples.’ Women don’t wear these things to look good for guys. They wear them to feel good for themselves, and there is nothing more attractive than confidence.”

“So what are you getting at?” I ask.

“My opinion is that we focus on that; we focus on confidence, on the feeling lingerie creates in the women who wear it, not in the men they supposedly wear it for.”


Christina may not have known it at the time, but she'd soon find herself modelling several of those "strappy cagey, lacy things" herself.

'Thigh Highs' features several sets of lingerie to lust after. Take the quiz below and find out which one best suits you!

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