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Special Giveaway Announcements

'Thigh Highs' goes live TOMORROW, and you know what that means is happening today?

Giveaways! All the giveaways!

There are several of them running throughout various galaxies in the Katia Rose universe, so let's get you up to date on all the things you can win, and where you can win them.

First off, there's a Facebook giveaway still running for a $10 Amazon gift card. Find it on the Katia Rose page here.

There's currently an Instagram giveaway going on for today only to win a free eBook of 'Thigh Highs', which you can find here.

Over on Goodreads, a signed paperback of 'Thigh Highs' is up for grabs. You can enter here.

Keep your eyes peeled for more surprise giveaway popping up as we move from pre-order week to release week. Less than 24 hours until 'Thigh Highs' will be LIVE! Ahhhh!

Last day to pre-order! Grab 'Thigh Highs' here!

W I T H   A   S I D E   O F   S M A R T

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