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  • Katia Rose

Dream Cast for 'Thigh Highs'

Once again I'm doing a dream cast post, and once again I'm totally stumped. Just like with 'Latte Girl' I honestly have no idea who I'd really like to see play the characters of 'Thigh Highs'. The choices below are all pretty uncertain and I've reconsidered them dozens of times, but let's do this anyways!

Christina: Victoria Justice

I think she could pull off the mixture of badass and professional the Christina has going on.

Aaron: Brenton Thwaites

I'll admit I've never seen him act in anything, but I saw a picture of him and was like 'IT. IS. AARON."

Alice: Emily Osment

Alice is a goofball and I think Emily could get her vibe right.

Sofia: Diane Guerrero

Sofia may not be in the story very much, but I definetly think Diane would suit the role.

Jim: Jason Isaacs

I think he could get Jim's oily charm right. He did play Lucius Malfoy, after all.

Tiff: Emma Roberts

I think she could capture that Tiff edge well.

I'm still at a loss for who would play Christina's dad. I'd love to hear any suggestions for cast members. Drop a comment below on who you think you would make a perfect addition (or replacement!) to the list.

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