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  • Katia Rose

'Thigh Highs' Soundtrack

AC/DC makes more than one appearance in 'Thigh Highs' (or at least, their music does; sorry to disappoint, but there's no Angus Young cameo) so it should come as no surprise that they feature more than once in the soundtrack.

I found myself relying on music a lot more than I usually do during the writing of the novel. While music is often a source of inspiration for me, I rarely listen to it when I'm actually writing. I had 'You Shook Me All Night' Long blasting on repeat while writing a certain song, and if you happen to have read the book already I'm sure you'll know which one.

Here's a few more songs I connect with the story, and a bit of an explanation as to why.

Highway to Hell- AC/DC

Besides being Christina's dad's jam, I think this sets the tone of the book and is something you'd find Christina herself blasting on her headphones while going at the punching bag

She's a Genius- Jet

This one is definitely a Christina song, and is how I think Aaron sees her and why he was drawn to her in the first place

Yin Yang- USS

USS is a band I can see both Christina and Aaron liking a lot and suing for their own motivation

Pools- Glass Animals

I (for some reason) think this song fits well for the part of the story when Aaron and Christina start to get to know each other on more than a superficial level and find themselves questioning their feelings

You Shook Me All Night Long- AC/DC

This one doesn't really need an explanation ;)

Ghost Town- Adam Lambert

Aaron's jam for when he's all sad and conflicted and thinks he's empty inside

Push Pull- Purity Ring

This song reminds me of the back and forth between Christina and Aaron, and the different reasons they're hesitant to let themselves be together

Cliffs Edge- Hayley Kiyoko

Another song that goes with the "Why am I feeling what I'm feeling?!" conflict

Hands Open- Snow Patrol

I totally pictured Aaron running through the airport to this one. The lyrics really fit the emotional journey he goes on over the course of the story

Ai Se Eu Te Pego- Michel Telo

It may be Brazilian Portuguese, not Portugal Portuguese, but I still feel like if the book had a song playing over the credits, this would be it. Also Sofia and Nicholas would DEFINITELY get it on to this.

If you have a song that makes you think of Aaron and Christina's story, I'd love to hear what it is. Drop a comment below and let me know what aspect of 'Thigh Highs' you connect it with.

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