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  • Katia Rose

The Bar Next Door Playlist

In honor of The Bar Next Door's recent release, I'm sharing the official playlist for the novel today. Compiling soundtracks for my stories is always an important and very fun part of the writing process for me (almost as fun as making Pinterest boards!) and always serves as a major source of inspiration.

The Bar Next Door's playlist features some artists I totally adore and spans a wide range of genres and styles, which I think is fitting for Monroe and Julien. They're both hard to pin down and are always throwing each other curve balls, and the music that reminded me most of their story does the same.

If you're going to listen to one song off this list (although I'd highly recommend giving the whole things a go!) I'd suggest you make it Gossling's 'Oh Darling.' I totally forgot all about this tune until I was scrolling around looking for TBND jams and rediscovered it. It's got a heart wrenching cresendo and is so stunning and emotional. It reminds me of that moment when you finally get over yourself and all the obstacles in your way and just give in to the love you're feeling. I'm sure Monroe and Julien can relate ;)

You can listen to the playlist here, and if you haven't yet, snag a copy of TBND here.

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