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  • Katia Rose

Brews and Blends: Stuff I Learned While Writing TBND

Working on The Bar Next Door required me to do a bit research on some very fun things, namely: wine and beer! My heroine is a craft beer enthusiast and my hero is the heir to a major winery operation. I am neither of those things, so I had to up my expertise level and get some inside details on how it all works.

This eventually led to me starting each chapter of the novel off with a particular wine or beer related term and its definition. These terms all tie in with the events of each chapter in literal or metaphorical ways, and I had so much fun picking them out. I thought I'd share some of the most amusing and/or interesting ones for today's slot in the release week schedule.

Here we go!

CRUSHABLE: Slang term used to indicate a beer that is flavourful and easy to drink

GUSHER: Refers to a beer that has been overly carbonated and overflows upon being opened

TERROIR: The geographical attributes of a vineyard unique to its specific

DRAIN POUR: Slang term used by beer brewers and tasters to indicate a beer of subpar quality not fit for consumption

You can find the full list of terms in The Bar Next Door (along with a pretty entertaining novel!) by grabbing your copy here.

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