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  • Katia Rose

Gender Education Resources About Nonbinary Lesbians

This June, I'll be releasing a new sapphic romance novel featuring a love story between a cis woman who identifies as a lesbian and a non-binary person who also identifies as a lesbian. Representation of NBLW (non-binary loving women) relationships is very personally important to me, and I'm so excited to publish my first novel-length NBLW romance.

I wrote this book as a celebration of this type of love and also as a way to help normalize it. While gender does play a part in the way both characters experience the world and their relationship, it's not a focus of the plot or the conflict. The book does not go into detail about basic gender concepts, but for readers who may be new to learning about gender or who have questions about non-binary lesbians specifically, I've collected this selection of resources to help.

Our understanding of gender and identity is always evolving. Please keep in mind that not all of these resources will resonate with how every non-binary person feels and identifies, but I hope they can provide a starting point for anyone interested in learning.

Resources about gender and non-binary identities in general:

A classic in gender education, this is a great breakdown of the differences between things like sex assigned at birth, gender identity, gender presentation, etc.

A brief overview from the National Centre for Transgender Equality, which includes some helpful tips on how to be supportive of non-binary people even when you're just beginning to learn about them

Resources about non-binary lesbians and sapphic non-binary people:

A quick read in the LGBTQIA+ Wiki with links to related terms like trixic

This article from Them magazine is a mix between educational resources and a personal exploration of the term. It explains the inclusion of various gender identities within the sapphic label as well as the difference between 'sapphic' and 'lesbian.'

An amazing article that dives into the history of non-binary lesbians and the experience of gender within the lesbian community overall

An incredibly insightful exploration of how non-binary identities exist within a largely binary-focused world with mostly binary-focused labels for sexuality and how cis people can be better allies within that context

This article from Pink News shares interviews with several non-binary lesbians who discuss how they personally relate to both terms and what their experience of the relationship between gender and sexuality has been like

If you have suggestions for this list or feedback about any of the articles included, feel free to get in touch with me on my contact page! I'm always happy to hear and learn from new perspectives.



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