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  • Katia Rose

My Favourite Quotes from Catch and Cradle

I always love finding out which quotes from my books resonate most with readers. For today’s release week event, I’m sharing three of my own favourite quotes/excerpts from Catch and Cradle. Don’t worry if you haven’t finished the book yet; no spoilers are included.

In no particular order, some of my favourites are...

This one:

I’ve always noticed her. I’ve always felt her like a change in seasons, like a shift of scents and colours, of sounds in the air and wind on my skin. Sometimes she’s the first crackle of dried leaves in the fall and sometimes she’s the mud and melting of spring, but she’s always a change. She’s always a collection of warning signs there to remind me I spend every day of my life pulled around the sun by a force I can’t feel or see.

This one:

“Okay, stay right there and answer this question.” I pause for a second. There’s no going back after this. “If I was hypothetically standing in your front yard right now, would you come down and let me inside? Or would you be really freaked out and want me to leave? Both are acceptable answers.”

The line goes so silent I start to think she’s hung up. Panic squeezes my chest.

Shit shit shit. Fuck. Bad decision.

I’m about to ask if she’s still there when the sound of her voice prompts me to start breathing again.

“If we’re talking hypothetically...” She trails off, and I can picture her chewing on her lip as she hesitates. “If you were outside right now, I’d come down and...fuck, Hope, I’d kiss you again. I can’t stop thinking about kissing you again.”

Now it’s me going deathly silent.

“Hope? I’m sorry. I—”

“Becca.” I’m gripping my phone so hard I’m scared I’m going to crack the case. “Come to your window.”

And of course, this one:

“I won’t confirm or deny details, but I’ll say one thing.” She drops her voice to a whisper. “Game. Changer.”

“Oh my god, Jane! You can’t just leave us hanging,” Iz whines. “This is like that story about the butt plug.”

“You mean the story about that time the smoke detector went off and we all had to run out of the house in the middle of the night because Jane and her boyfriend set her curtains on fire, and Jane wouldn’t give us any details besides blaming it on a butt plug?” I deadpan.

“I blamed it on a butt plug and my Cherry Nights scented candle.”

Jane glares while the three of us scream with laughter. I forgot about the candle part.

“I c-can’t believe you have a-a-a candle called c-cherry nights,” Iz stammers. They’re laughing so hard they’re wiping tears off their face.

“It sounds like a-a-like a...” I clutch my stomach and fight to get the words out. “Like a weird v-virginity candle or something.”

“For your virgin butt!” Paulina shouts.

Oh the Cherry Nights scented candle. It’s just one of the many shenanigans Hope and her housemates get up to. You can read about them all in Catch and Cradle!


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