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  • Katia Rose

Review: Passion Planner

May it be noted: this post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. I am truly just blogging about something I love!

When I first got hooked on the idea of using a paper planner this year and started researching the available options, there was one in particular I kept seeing EVERYWHERE. To put it mildly, Passion Planner has made a name for itself in the few years it’s been around, and has a borderline cult-like following. Passion Planner users even have their own hashtag! I decided to join the #pashfam for 2020 and haven’t looked back since.

Last month, I shared my review of My PA Planner—the planner I use for all my business stuff. While there’s always a bit of crossover between the two, I use my Passion Planner for my personal life and overall organization. I always start my weekly planning sessions with my Passion Planner and then move over to the business side of things once I have a ‘big picture’ idea of what my week is going to look like.

Passion Planner is an awesome tool for getting both that big picture view of your life and the small scale side of how to put all those dreams and plans into action. Passion Planner is as much a mindset as it is a life organizing tool (and now I really do sound like I’m part of a cult...)

It’s built on a system that works. I’ve experienced such a big shift in outlook and a change in the way I set myself up for success since I’ve started using it, which is just one of the many reasons I recommend Passion Planner to absolutely anyone looking to make the most of their time! And let’s face it: who doesn’t want to make the most of their time?

If you’re looking for a planner that’s functional, stylish, effective, and just downright fun to use, Passion Planner has yo back!

Here are some of the reasons I love it:

Passion Roadmap + Game Changers

For me, this is what makes Passion Planner more than just a journal or schedule and turns it into a life changing tool. The first section of every Passion Planner guides you to create a ‘Passion Roadmap’ for where you’d like to see your life heading and all you’d like to accomplish and experience along the way. You then highlight parts of that roadmap as ‘Game Changers.’ These are the goals that will make the biggest difference for you and impact your life in the most powerful way.

Next, you take your game changers and turn them into Passion Plans. This is when you add specific next-steps with achievable dates and timelines. You add these next steps to your monthly and weekly to-do lists, and from there, you work them into your daily schedules.

Seems obvious, right? It sounds like something we’re all already doing, but using my Passion Planner has taught me so much about holding myself accountable and adding the ‘when’ and ‘how’ part to the ‘I will’ statements I make about my goals. Focusing on measurable and time-oriented goals was a big shift for me. Really sitting down with myself and figuring out just how concrete I was being (or not being!) with my plans was such a powerful thing to discover.

Stylish and Durable Cover Options

The Passion Planner just looks damn good. There are several cover options every year, and the planner also comes in three different sizes, so you’re sure to get something that works for you. I’m usually a total neutral tones minimalist, but I stepped outside my normal preferences and went with a really gorgeous golden yellow colour embossed with a geometric design. I LOVE it! I’m also crazy about whatever it is the covers are made of. They’re somewhere between a hard and soft cover (it almost feels like foam?) and the material is super durable and great for carting around wherever you and your planner need to go.


Passion Planners are easy to modify to suit your needs! Not only do they come in three sizes with the option to pick either a Monday or Sunday start date, but Passion Planner also offers free printouts galore on their website. If you don’t find something you need in the planner, chances are you can print it out and paste it in, and there’s always the option of making your own! Their YouTube channel has some awesome tutorials about customizing your planner and finding a system that works for you. Instagram also always has lots of idea and inspiration under the #passionplanner hashtag. Passion Planner includes large sections of both blank and dotted paper at the back of the planner for any extras you might want to add there.

Weekly Spread

The weekly spread is one of the most important parts of a planner, and Passion Planner delivers on it! I love all the sections included, with some of my favourites being the ‘good things that happened’ and the ‘space of infinite possibility.’ I use the space of infinite possibility to write a little love letter to myself at the start of every week. It’s a bit dorky, but it’s been a really helpful and encouraging habit to take up! I also really appreciate each day of the week being given equal space. The time slot sections for each day are very functionally designed and easy to use in whatever way works best for you.


I talk a lot about community and its importance to me as romance writer and reader, so it was awesome to discover that there’s a whole Passion Planner community for me to join too! There are so many YouTubers, Instagrammers, and bloggers using Passion Planner and sharing their progress and ideas. It’s incredibly inspiring to see not only all the creative ways the planners themselves are being put to use, but all the amazing things they’re helping people achieve. Pashfam members really do come from all walks of life, and the community they’ve built always feels so supportive and encouraging

And for those who are curious, here are a few things I would love to see considered for future editions of the planner:

A Weekly Reflection

Something I really love about the My PA Planner and miss having in the Passion Planner is a weekly reflection section. While there’s a monthly reflection included and Passion Planner suggests filling it out every week, there’s really not enough room to get into a lot of reflection even on a monthly basis. While you could always do your own reflection on the blank pages at the back, having your weekly spread and weekly reflection all together in one spot is a lot more convenient and organized. A pre-made weekly reflection with questions to answer is also really motivating and something I think Passion Planner users would benefit from.

Extra Space for Weekly and Monthly Notes

Again, something I love about the My PA Planner is all the space for note-taking and brainstorming. There are specific places to jot down notes on each weekly spread, monthly spread, and weekly reflection, along with spaces for mind mapping or doodling alongside your reflections. While Passion Planner does have blank spaces as well, I would love to see a few more added in, especially considering what an important part of the Passion Planner system mind mapping is. I often find my monthly game Changers feel a little cramped in the small section they have under the monthly spread, so a few more spaces to draw and take notes other than the blank pages at the very back of the planner would be great.

Removal of the Lunchtime Slot

This is a little nitpicky of me, but it’s something I’ve noticed other reviews mention and feel could be adjusted. The 12:00PM time slot on each daily schedule is pre-shaded in grey. Considering not everyone has their lunch break or even the middle of their work day at this time, it can be a bit disruptive to the overall daily visual. It’s not a huge deal or super distracting, but considering how customizable Passion Planner is in most other respects, the pre-set lunch break indicator could probably be removed.

It’s safe to say that Passion Planner has been a huge Game Changer (heh heh) for me this year and has become such an important tool in my life. I feel energized and motivated every time I open it up and have really gained a positive relationship with scheduling. It’s helped me to plan for and achieve results in a totally new and super effective way. I can’t wait to see the shift in my life it’s brought about continue as I make my way through this year.

If you’re looking for a planner that will get you on track and keep you there while making you feel GOOD and excited about the process, Passion Planner is the one! I truly believe everyone can get something positive out of this planner and turn it into an integral part of taking all the goals you’re passionate about and bringing them to life.


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