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  • Katia Rose

Shots! Shots! Shots!

It’s Sunday Funday! On today’s agenda for One for the Road’s release week festivities is a drink recipe that could have come straight out of Taverne Toulouse. DeeDee, the book’s heroine, is famous for her shot pouring skills, so I browsed around to find a layered shot recipe that just screamed DeeDee Beausoleil. I can totally imagine her whipping this up whenever a customer asks her to surprise them with something.

Full disclosure: I haven’t actually tried this recipe yet! It seems pretty summery and fun, and I might toast the first day of actual warm weather with it, whenever that day decides to arrive...

In the mean time, I present to you: The Jelly Bean Shot.

The full recipe can be found here on The Spruce Eats. (This is also their image of it, so full credits to them!)

It’s a mix of blackberry brandy or grenadine, anisette or sambuca, and Southern Comfort. The recipe has instructions for how to float the ingredients and create that layered effect.

It looks so pretty and tasty! DeeDee would be all over this. For some examples of her bartending skills (and, you know, a love story) grab One for the Road here.


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