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  • Katia Rose

Top Nine of 2022

Another year, another top nine! As usual, I like to do my own spin on the Instagram top nine trend and choose my own favourite photos from the year instead of my most-liked ones. Scrolling through my feed today, I was SHOOKETH to realize just how much happened in 2022! It sounds dramatic, but this was quite possibly the best and most life-changing year of my existence to date. My author career has soared to heights I had no idea would be possible for me so quickly, and I'm more sure than ever that writing romances that help people feel seen and celebrated (especially queer people!) is exactly how I'm meant to be showing up and contributing to the world.

I can't wait to see what's next for me and my books, but on this last day of the year, I'm taking a moment to breathe and soak it all in while feeling extremely grateful to everyone who's been a part of me getting where I am today.

Here's a bit about the photos I chose:

I released my thirteenth novel, The Devil Wears Tartan, which went all the way to the top FIVE in lesbian romance.

My first ever audiobook released through Tantor Media, giving readers a chance to listen to Catch and Cradle.

I released my fourteenth book, Just Might Work, which is my first full-length NBLW (nonbinary-loving-women) novel.

I celebrated three incredible years of loooove with one of the most amazing people on the planet who's been by my side through more career ups and downs than I can count, during our first overseas trip together.

I did my first ever book box collaboration and had a special edition cover featured in Hello Lovely Box.

I released my fifteenth novel, Girlfriend Material, which went all the way to NUMBER ONE in lesbian romance and resulted in the best selling month of my career to date.

I got accepted to sign at The Steamy Lit Con in 2023, which will be my first ever book signing event.

I saw my books on a bookstore shelf for the first time when I visited The Ripped Bodice in Los Angeles.

I lived it up in California on an amazing conference + vacation trip that made me feel like an absolute badass.

As cheesy as it sounds, what I really treasure most about this past year was all the new readers my books found their way to. Giving people the chance to see themselves in a story and feel a little less alone is truly why I do what I do, and all the growth I experienced in my career this year let me bring that experience to an incredible number of readers.

To everyone whose given my books a shot and taken the time to let me know what they meant to you through a message, email, or review: your words mean more to me than I can say, and it's an honor to fill some of your precious reading time. I can't wait to share some new stories with you in 2023!




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