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  • Katia Rose

#TBT: Who Was Your First Band Crush?

In honour of Your Sound’s recent release, this week’s Throwback Thursday is all about embracing your inner fan girl and remembering the first band you were ever obsessed with. I'm sure most people can relate to thinking back on their adolescence and instantly remembering THE band.

You know the one. The one whose albums you had on perpetual repeat. The one whose posters were tacked all over your bedroom walls. The one you had several detailed fantasies about finally meeting in person one day. That’s the band I’m talking about.

For me, THE band was Paramore. My early teenage years happened to coincide with the era of having side bangs, cutting holes in your super tight black hoodies so you could stick your thumbs through them, and writing angsty lyrics all over your Converse shoes. In other words, yes, I was emo.

Photographic evidence of the fact:

I was OBSESSED with Paramore (or Pmore, as they were affectionately called by many fans). I’m talking checked their website every day, watched everything they ever featured in on YouTube, and can probably STILL recite every word of every song (including obscure demos and b-sides) kind of obsessed.

I remember pre-ordering the limited edition box set of their third album and running out to the garage the second it was in my hands so I could blast it as loud as I wanted. All my albums of theirs have cracks in the cases because I took them to so many places with me. I never did get to go to a Paramore concert, and I don’t think my fourteen year-old self will ever forgive me for that,

It’s easy to look back on that kind of tweenage enthusiasm and laugh (trust me, I do) but as someone who had a bit of a hard time in junior high, I can honestly say that this band was a lifesaver for me and made a lot of rough times a lot less rough. They also launched a lifelong love for music I’m still so grateful for.

I haven’t followed their career in recent years, but they’ll always hold a special place in my heart. This band was a huge part of my life during a time when I was just starting to get a sense of who I really was and would grow up to be, and I’ll always be the first person to jump up and start shouting the words to ‘Misery Business’ when it plays at throwback nights.

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