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  • Katia Rose

A Wordsmith in the Making

I'm one of those writers who can't remember a time when they weren't a writer. Even before I actually had the skill of physically writing words down, I'd amuse myself with dorky things like third-person narrating my own life as if it were a gripping novel or coming up with my own 'commercials' for stuff like Barbie dolls and soup.

I was kind of a weirdo.

Scratch that. I am kind of a weirdo. My predilection for the written word showed itself at a very young age, and it's stayed with me ever since.

Point in case: this hilarious 'menu' I made for a 'restaurant' a friend and I created for my parents to enjoy on a trip to our family cottage. I was probably about ten at the time. We came up with three courses' worth of food options, set up a nice table down by the lakeside, and acted as both the waiters and the chefs. Of course, the real stars of the show were my very...verbally embellished menus, written out in marker and pencil on sheets of printer paper.

I re-discovered these relics during a recent stay at the cottage, and while my whole family got a good long laugh from me reading them out loud, it was kind of inspiring to look back on the way I've always moved through the world as a writer. They don't always come easy, but the words have always been there for me.

They were definitely there when ten-year-old me described lemonade as 'a fresh taste of the citrus fruit, perfect on a hot summer's day.'

Some further excerpts include:

Orange Juice: Delicious and sweet, we bring you only the finest OJ around

House Juice Blend: Our one-of-a-kind blend of fruit juices has been a long-kept secret

Popcorn: Extra buttery, the old-fashioned way

Fruit cocktail: Pears, peaches, and cherries, oh my!


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